What You'll Learn

  • Module 1: The Foundation - Without This, You Don’t Stand A Chance

  • Module 2: Prospecting and Sales!

  • Module 3: How to Run Ads That Print $$$

  • Module 4: Outsource & Scale: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Learn From The Best In Business


Abdul Samad

Abdul Samad is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Owns a portfolio of several 7-Figure Digital Businesses. He’s been mentioned on publications like Forbes & Entrepreneur. His mindset, marketing, sales and business systems, are known as the secret ingredient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. His unique advisory style comes with first-hand experience of actually having built multiple 7-figure businesses from no money, no contacts. What he did have was a whole lot of heart!


Chance Anthony

Chance Welton got his work ethic from his father. Raised on a potato farm in Idaho, he learned from an early age that whatever he was going to have in life was going to come from real hard work. A self-made entrepreneur he is the owner and CEO of Beachwood Marketing, a 7-figure online marketing platform. He is also the co-founder of the “Modern Millionaires.” He has been written up in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur for his innovative mindset, determination, and ability to build everything out of nothing.
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